MAT – a unique event in the heart of Småland

For two September days each year (11-12 September 2020), Växjö become a national meeting-place for locally produced, small-scale, sustainable food. Over 50,000 people gather here to experience the occasion, to taste, inspire and be inspired, to learn and to spread knowledge.

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• Approx. 50,000 visitors
• Two days in September each year
• Free admission for visitors and seminar organisers
• Targets all who are interested in food, whether consumers
or professionals
• Extensive seminar programme with a couple of thousand
• People come here to gain new impressions and experiences
and to find new partnerships

The food market
This is the biggest food market in Sweden featuring small-scale, locally produced food. The focus here is on food, and more than 100 food producers and artisans from Småland and the rest of the country attract an audience of more than 50,000 visitors. Primary produce and delicacies of every kind can be found here – a unique range and a unique opportunity for visitors to establish contacts, find new food favourites and be inspired. Culinary pleasure in a festive atmosphere.

Seminars, workshops, debates and championships
During the MAT weekend, organisations, public authorities and private businesses organise countless programme items in all kinds of subject areas that draw people from all over the country. The programme targets both industry representatives and the general public. The final of the prestigious food championship Organic Chef of the Year is held during MAT.

If you would like to take part in or be seen at MAT in some form, there are a number of ways you can do so. Please contact Peter Knutsson, at .